Massages go along with my healthy lifestyle and and this is my choice for the best massage parlour in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is easily the best city in Thailand for me due to its more laid back atmosphere, hippyish vibe, art scene, and food.

It’s also close to the mountains and waterfalls.

I love it 🙂

With such a cool vibe and the abundance of (mostly) laid back travellers, comes a hella lot of massage places.

Naturally not all are great while others are absolutely awesome.

My personal favourite may not actually be the best but it is is mine, for a number of reasons.

Here you go…



My Favourite Chiang Mai Massage Parlour 


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I should note that the photos in this post are not from the massage parlour in Chiang Mai but other massage places in Thailand.

Simply because I always get lost in the good massages I forget to take a photo.

Very unlike me! 😛

But a massage post without massage pics is no good so these are just for show.



The thing with massages is that it’s a very personal choice.

One massage place will be perfect for one person and not good for another.

So my advice here is just what I love and maybe you will to.

This for sure might not be the ‘most luxurious and expensive best massage in Chiang Mai’ but that’s why it’s my favourite.


Chilling at massage parlour.

Chiang Mai massage parlour
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If you’re loaded with cash go and join in at one of the prime (read: expensive) massage places, or if you’re like me and a normal person 😛 then this will be perfect for you.

It’s what I call the good middle ground in life.

This is the best massage parlour in Chiang Mai because it hits the sweet spot between price and quality (and one other thing).

It’s not crazy expensive but also not a simple budget street massage.


Chiang Mai massage parlour
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The name (yes I finally came to it…) is Lila Thai Massage.

It actually has several locations in Chiang Mai and all are good quality massages, but I prefer some of the locations better than others.

The price is reasonable for a massage, averaging around 700 baht (around 25 dollars) for a one hour hot oil massage (my favourite).

The good thing here is for the price you get your own private room which makes a huge difference to the massage experience if you’ve ever had a massage in a shared room.


As mentioned there are several locations in Chiang Mai but the one near the kings Monument is my fave because of the decor.

It’s spotlessly clean and the whole ambience is perfect.

Whenever I’m in Chiang Mai this is high on my to do list getting to this place.


massage Chiang Mai
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Lila Thai Massage and Released Female Inmates


“Say what?”, you may be thinking.

But this is the other thing that I love about Lila: it employs newly released female prisoners. In fact this was the reason it was established in the first place.

Female prisoners are often released and end up in a never ending circle of not being accepted properly back into society and many suffer abusive relationships.

The prison authorities work with some of these female prisoners and give a 180 hour massage training course in the prison before they are released.

Once out of prison they then get employed in places like Lila Thai Massage to give them an opportunity to have a job, family, and to adjust into society again.

So not only do you get an expert massage but you’re also helping a very good cause.

As a female I support this very much.


Outside one of the Lila Thai Massage Parlours by the Kings Monument (my favourite one).


best Chiang Mai massage parlour
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Get a Massage in Chiang Mai!


As you can see I’m a massage addict and this is why this is my best place for a massage in Chiang Mai. Massages go perfectly with my ideas for a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy a massage yourself wherever you are 🙂

And if you’re in Chiang Mai be sure to check out Lila Thai Massage.



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